27 January 2018

Joe Johnson 1986 World Champion table

Just been over to Styx, Kirkaldy to re-cover the table on which Joe Johnson beat Steve Davis 18-12 in the 1986 World Championships. A steel block Westbury.

Upon finding the previous fitter had spray glued the cloth to the steel block cushions, I planed a new set of cloth retaining strips to cover the cushions correctly. The fitter had also left the cloth loose at the centre pocket plates with a `V` cust visible. Not the correct way. On fitting the new cloth I made sure the cloth was tight down the face of the slate with no cut visible. There is one company in the West Coast who shall remain nameless who think its acceptable to have a v cut almost to the top of the slate and glue a patch in place to try and conceal it!!!

The pocket openings were perfect at the corners conforming to the template but the middles being a good bit larger than template/. This can be remedied the next time the table is re-rubbered.